My New Heater and Rodents

Hey there long time not updating this blog, now I want to share something with you all reader of this blog. Since I move to new house at last March I started to buy anything new for my place. Buying kitchen appliances, furniture and also embellishment for living room.

Yesterday I purchased water heater with custom colors because I place it on the wall near our bathroom. I made it pink, because the wall is also have same color and I want a nice tone and make the device not as centerpieces because they are not.

That the great news. But I also have problem.

Last week my friends come home to say hello to us. They are bring some cakes and soft drinks to celebrate our first met since last ten years because they are working on other country and we can't meet until that day. We chit chatting about anything on our living room, watching tv and eat the cakes. But I got embarrassed when she saw our enemy, RATS.

She saw it on our counter top cabinet, we use it as rack for our books. It also my first time see rodents in the house. After that I calling a professional pest control service to make them disappear from my house.

I hate rats they are really destructive. I know it because my mom house also have same problem.


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